Write Python. Run Anywhere.

BeeWare is a suite of tools and libraries, each of which works together to help you write cross platform native GUI Python applications. It includes:

  • Toga, a cross platform widget toolkit;

  • Briefcase, a tool for packaging Python projects as distributable artefacts that can be shipped to end users;

  • Libraries (such as Rubicon ObjC) for accessing platform-native libraries;

  • Pre-compiled builds of Python that can be used on platforms where official Python installers aren’t available.

You can use each of the tools in isolation, or you can use all of them as a suite.

The full BeeWare suite also includes software development tools and applications that have been written using BeeWare’s own libraries.

The BeeWare suite is available on macOS, Windows, Linux (using GTK); on mobile platforms such as Android and iOS; and for the Web. Support for other platforms (such as set top boxes and watches) is on our long term road map.

Platform support

The BeeWare suite is a work in progress. Some tools and libraries are more mature than others, and some platforms have better support than others. In particular, Web support should be considered experimental only.

Ready to try BeeWare for yourself? Let’s build a cross platform application in Python!